Grillhawk designs and manufactures high quality pro grilling accessories. Through our dedicated team of designers and product developers we ensure our customers get the latest in BBQ accessories to enhance your grilling skills whether you are a once a year barebcuer or a grilling enthusiast!

Grillhawks’ latest innovation is our Grill light V2.0




    Grillhawk is packed with new features including a 360 degree swivel head design – no need to re-adjust the clamping position on the barbecue handle to fully light up your grill, as the super bright 10 LED lamp moves in any direction you need, also the new feature of 3 light level settings, allowing you to set your bbq lamp to light level for safe and optimum grilling conditions throughout the night!


    The Grillhawk 2G BBQ light has a new and improved outdoor grill handle C-Clamp system, suitable for grill handles down to a 0.35″ diameter and up to 1.45″.


    This barbecue LED light comes with a FREE pair of Grillhawk pro bbq glasses with their own storage pouch worth $19.99 alone. These professional glasses have a proven design to stop your eyes from getting sore and come in very handy when cutting onions! Also included is an install kit, comprising of a purpose made screw driver and 4 AA batteries so you can get grilling right away!


    Grillhawk offers all customers a no questions asked, no hassle, 60 day money back guarantee and lifetime replacement guarantee. In other words, if you are not satisfied your purchase for any reason or you are not happy with it, you will either get your money back or a brand new replacement grill light, simple.


    The Grillhawk outdoor handle mounted barbeque light is weather resistant and suitable for use at temperatures up to 415 F. Grillhawk’s versatile design allows it to be used as a grilling light for any gas, charcoal, or electric grill, or alternatively as a flashlight for biking, camping, as an extra garage light, in the basement, outbuildings or any area of the property that needs more light. This grill light is very efficient, providing up to 20 hours of power per set of 3 AA batteries. making this grilling lamp a must have when sourcing your bbq grill accessories.

GRILLHAWK – Eat Sleep Grill Repeat!


Everyone has been there, the grill is still on, but the light is fading, you find a lamp from the garage but quickly realise it is either starts to melt, keeps falling down when you move it or the cables keep tripping you up, or all of the above.

Eventually you find yourself with your face, 6 inches from the grill getting very hot and giving you sore eyes, trying to see if your meat is cooked and safe to eat.


Grillhawk Grill light and PRO grilling glasses are specifically designed to solve these problems.

  • Heat resistant up to 215 F, designed to be outdoors.
  • The C-Clamp is versatile and works with almost any grill handle; round, oval or square from 0.35″ up to 1.45″ in diameter.
  • The 2nd generation 360 degree dual swivel head system means you can point Grillhawk where ever you need to,without having to adjust it’s fixing position.
  • 20 hours of long lasting battery power, means no cables.
  • 10 Super bright, energy efficient long life LED’s light up the whole of your grill!
  • Grillhawk comes with a FREE purpose made pair of grilling glasses , worth $19.99, helping you keep an even closer eye on your BBQ!